By Your Side from Pregnancy to Parenthood

As an experienced, certified birth doula, I provide non-clinical support to you and your partner during pregnancy, birth and the early weeks of parenting.

Doulas Support Healthy Birth


Decrease in the risk of newborns being admitted to a special care nursery


Decrease in the use of synthetic oxytocin to speed up labor


Decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience

Read the full article The Evidence for Doulas at Evidence Based Birth.

What My Clients Say

Tara was a great source of encouragement, calm and support during the preparation stages and births of our son and daughter. When my husband was (unforeseeably) unable to be there for the birth of our son, Tara skillfully rose to the challenge of being my main support. Later, as we prepared for the birth of our daughter, there was no doubt in our minds that we wanted Tara there by our side, once again. It was a blessing to work with Tara who not only is gifted in her field, but also demonstrates a sincere passion for babies, their families and healthy births.
Janelle from Minneapolis

Janelle, Minneapolis

Tara was a great calming presence at the birth of our first child. She was especially invaluable to my husband who appreciated having another sane person in the room to coach him and give him short breaks in which he didn't have to worry about me. She went above and beyond in preparing us and encouraging us, to where it felt completely natural that she would be there. My husband is always the first to tell people that she was worth every penny.


Tara's presence as our doula before, during and after the birth of my second child was a tremendous blessing to our family. The books she loaned helped me understand my first birth and prepare for my second. Her calm presence during and after the birth was helpful both for me and for my husband to make sure we had the info and resources we needed to have the best possible birth experience.

Erica, Minneapolis

Tara was very comforting and entertaining during the time my wife was very out of it. She has a very gentle spirit and is a lot of fun.


The role of husband during the birth experience can be a little tricky to navigate. In our 25 hours of labor, Tara was a navigator in uncharted waters. She didn't leave our side, even as the nurses came and went with each shift change. Her calming presence, coaching, and birth plan advocacy gave us peace. Tara’s voice and expertise allowed me to focus on my wife. She put our family first and was attentive and tenacious to our desired experience. Simply put, she was a trusted friend, coach, and advisor in the delivery room. Tara was born to do this work and that will be evident when you meet her. THANK YOU TARA!

Tim, St. Paul

It was great to have Tara as our birth doula. She really helped me understand how, as a dad, I could have an active role in the birth and not just be a bystander. During labor I was able to use some of the techniques she taught us to help comfort and encourage my wife. On top of all that she was super helpful logistically. She was willing to help with everything from moving our car from the emergency entrance of the hospital and parking it, to bringing me a coffee after the delivery.
Justin from Minneapolis

Justin, Minneapolis

Through all of your guidance, queues, and advice the entire experience changed. I am proud of my wife and myself. I feel like we hit a stride during labor and while she worked, I was able to support her. I knew it was in us both, it was your support that brought it out of us. Thank you for giving us that. We grew as husband and wife, and as friends throughout this process, like I never expected. At the end of it all we have a wonderful little baby and an experience that I will remember fondly for the rest of my life.