Tara Lohstreter DONA certified birth Doula.


  • Serving families as a birth doula since 2009
  • DONA Certified Birth Doula
  • Active member of The Childbirth Collective
  • Trained in Spinning Babies by Gail Tully http://spinningbabies.com/


  • Cooking: creating something that can be immediately enjoyed by friends and family
  • Reading to my kids-Cosette (2006), Malachi (2007), Abraham (2009) and Simon (2011)
  • Eating breakfast at restaurants with a small town feel and exceptional eggs

Favorite word: Plethora

Tara Lohstreter DONA certified birth Doula.

Tara Lohstreter

DONA Certified Birth Doula

The defining moment that led to my birth doula career came after I gave birth to my first two babies. I had spent countless hours talking about birth with a friend who was expecting her first baby. One day her husband called to say she was in labor. I offered to be an extra set of hands during labor and birth. Later I learned her husband conveyed my offer but she was overwhelmed with the intensity of labor and shrugged him off. The following week, she called me for breastfeeding support. While I visited her, I listened to her tell me her birth story.

It was a hard one.

I knew in that moment that I needed to pursue my birth doula certification.

I don’t know if I could have changed the outcomes in that birth. I do know that I could have been there holding her hand, helping her find her voice and caring for her and her husband in a way that might have eased some of their stress and fears that day.

I was honored to be with this friend as she gave birth to her second baby. It was a marvelous birth. I witnessed a couple working together beautifully and a woman who wasn’t afraid to ask for what she needed. It was a healthy birth, a restorative birth and an affirming birth.

I’ve been holding hands, legs and hair. Speaking words of comfort, guidance and encouragement. Joining women and families in peace, fear, joy, pain, trails, triumphs, frustration and love. I’ve been supporting women and families as a birth doula, since 2009.

I am a Doulas of North America (DONA) International certified birth doula. I am the mom to four seemingly ordinary kids who are extraordinary to me and my husband.